Taiwan Stories at San Francisco State University on Oct 15.

Immerse yourself in Taiwan’s stories at San Francisco State University’s (SFSU) one-day film festival.The lineup begins at 3:30pm with The Secret in the Satchel, the documentary focuses on the turbulent lives of three students and how their earlier hardships made them stronger. All the films will be shown in the College of Humanities auditorium (HUM 133) at SFSU. The event is open to the public and free.

At 4:30pm, be sure to see Nyonya’s Taste of Life and stay to hear Director Wen Chih-yi as she takes the audience’s questions afterwards. The film explores the lives of the foreign domestic workers in Taiwan. Just like the complexities of Nyonya’s cooking, it is a multi-flavored melting pot, representing the misunderstandings and conflicts between Indonesians, Thai workers and the local people.

Stay and meet other film lovers at the reception at 6:15pm before continuing on with two feature films. At 7pm, Taipei 24H, a collection of eight shorts, features Taipei prominently in the backdrop. It is directed and acted by some of Taiwan’s well-known stars. Before the screening, Director Lee Kang-sheng will talk about the film.

The night concludes with A Mind of My Own, where a young woman withdraws into her own make-believe world, closing out reality with sleep.

Taiwan Stories is sponsored by Taiwan’s Public Television Service, Department of Foreign Language and Literature (SFSU), Chinese Flagship Partner Program, (SFSU), the Government Information Office (Taiwan), and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.

For more information about Taiwan Stories, please visit: http://taiwanstories.pts.org.tw/