Taiwan Stories at UC Berkeley on Oct 18 & 19.

Take a trip to Taiwan through four films from the island. The lineup begins on Wednesday afternoon (Oct 18) with two documentaries spotlighting the problems of newly arrived immigrants in Taiwan. Whether arriving in Taiwan as foreign spouses (The Voyage to Happiness) or domestic workers (Nyonya’s Taste of Life), all of them seek a better life and must learn to adjust to each other.

The Voyage to Happiness, follows Le Thi Tu’s journey as a foreign spouse from southern Vietnam to Taiwan. The documentary interviews other immigrant women from 14 other Asian cities and their fight for equal treatment. All the films will be shown at the Institute of East Asian Studies conference room (2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor, Berkeley).

At 5pm, be sure to see Nyonya’s Taste of Life and stay to hear Director Lee Kang-sheng during the Q&A afterwards. The film centers around the many foreign domestic workers in Taiwan. Just like the complexities of Nyonya’s cooking, it is a multi-flavored melting pot, as represented by the misunderstanding and conflicts between Indonesians, Thai workers and the local people.

Switch gears to enjoy an afternoon of feature films on Tuesday. Beginning with After 30 Seconds at 4pm. An out-of-work father needs to decide if he should apply for a job at his son’s school, thereby embarrassing his son…or not.

The last film at 5:30pm is Taipei 24H, featuring eight wonderful urban tales. The city serves as a lovely backdrop for all eight shorts. Director Lee Kang-sheng will be present to answer questions about Taipei 24H after the screening.

Taiwan Stories is sponsored by Taiwan’s Public Television Service, Institute of East Asian Studies (UC-Berkeley), Center for Chinese Studies (UC-Berkeley), the Government Information Office (Taiwan), and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.

For more information about Taiwan Stories, please visit: http://taiwanstories.pts.org.tw/