Taiwan Stories at University of Oregon, Oct 20-22

Explore Taiwan through Taiwan Stories, a festival of feature and documentary films. Join us for three nights of great storytelling at Willamette Hall, Room 110 at the University of Oregon (Eugene). The free festival includes a line-up of five films:

Birds Without Borders explores the Black-faced Spoonbill, a beautiful bird only found in the wetlands of East Asia. The film spotlights the worldwide efforts of dedicated individuals working to protect the endangered bird’s few remaining habitats. The 52-minute documentary will begin at 5:45pm with an opening reception for the festival to follow.

Taiwan’s economic success has attracted immigrants from many other Asian countries. In Nyonya’s Taste for Life, Director Wen Chih-yi focuses on the misunderstanding and the adjustment process of Taiwan’s domestic workers. Like Nyonya’s soup, it is a multi-flavored melting pot of Indonesians, Thai immigrants and local people.

On Thursday evening, the lineup begins with The Secret in the Satchel, the documentary focuses on the turbulent lives of three students and how their earlier hardships made them stronger.

Taipei 24H, a collection of eight shorts, featuring Taipei as the backdrop. It is directed and acted by some of Taiwan’s well-know stars. After the film, please stay for Q&A with Director Lee Kang-sheng.

The festival ends with Wave Breaker on Friday night at 7pm. The 86-minute movie focuses on a young man suffering from a terminal disease and the differing reactions of each of his family members towards his death.

Taiwan Stories is sponsored by Taiwan’s Public Television Service, the Department of East Asian Language and Literature (UO), the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (UO), the Government Information Office (Taiwan), and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.

For more information about Taiwan Stories, please visit:  http://taiwanstories.pts.org.tw/