Nyonya's Taste of life Taipei 24H The Secret in the Satchel Wave Breaker After 30 Seconds The Voyage to Happiness Bird Without Borders – Black-faced Spoonbills A Mind of My Own

A beautiful bird only found in the wetlands of Asia, the Black-faced Spoonbill is magnificently captured in HD. Meet the dedicated individuals, around the world, who share the goal of protecting this endanger animal’s remaining habitats.

2009  Special Prize for Biodiversity, EARTH VISION, Japan
2009  Asian TV Awards, Singapore
2009  AIB International Media Excellence Awards, UK
2009  Natural TIFF, Japan
2009  International Festival of Ornithological Film, France
2009  Green Wave 21st Century European Environment Festival, Bulgaria
2009  Green Screen , International Nature Film Festival, Germany

A lovely young girl finds out that she has super power. If she closes her eyes and concentrate, she can make her wish come true. Instead of living a frustrating life, she begins to withdraw into her dreams more and more.

2009  Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan